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Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza - Gourmet Pizza - Large


Tikka Masala Flavored Chicken and Vegetable Toppings on Fresh Hand-Made Pizza Dough & Our Cheese Blend

Pizza Meat Toppings - Large:Pepperoni +$2.55Salami +$2.55Ham +$2.55Sliced Italian Sausage +$2.55Hamburg +$2.55Bacon +$2.55
Pizza Veggie Toppings - Large:Fresh Garlic +$1.55Sliced Tomatoes +$1.55Green Peppers +$1.55Roasted Green Peppers +$1.55Onion +$1.55Sliced Black Olives +$1.55Broccoli +$1.55Fresh Mushrooms +$1.55Banana Peppers +$1.55
Pizza Premium Toppings - Large:Grilled Chicken +$2.55Breaded Chicken +$2.55Grilled Shaved Steak +$2.55Feta +$2.55Pineapple +$2.55Eggplant +$2.55Fresh Spinach +$2.55
Pizza Options - Large:Extra Sauce +$1.25Extra Cheese +$1.25No Sauce No Cheese

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